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  • Fiumare, Kvarnerski sea festival

    29. 05. 2019. 05. 06. 2019.

    various locations


  • Science Festival

    Science Festival

    The Science Festival is an event that presents science in a popular and interesting way and attempts to inform the public about scientific activities, as well as bring young people together and motivate them to do scientific research.
    26. 03. 2019.
  • Rijeka Detox

    Rijeka Detox

    The beneficial health effects of wild edible plants, whose gastronomical application is a tradition in the Kvarner region, have been well-documented for thousands of years.
    26. 03. 2019.
  • Impulse Festival

    Spring in Rijeka brings the sixth Impulse Festival, a boutique club festival that connects various locations in Rijeka with the aim of promoting quality music and urban culture.
    26. 03. 2019.
  • Let's Go Running

    Let's Go Running, an event taking place in downtown Rijeka that outgrew its local confines a long time ago, will be back again come early spring.
    26. 03. 2019.

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