Rijeka through history

Rijeka through history

The rich history of Rijeka left its mark in countless sites. Take a walk, visit interesting places, explore... But first, do your homework and get to know the story of Rijeka.

Rijeka’s Beginnings

The oldest traces of human presence in today’s Rijeka area date back to the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods, and the remnants of prehistoric castles (Solin above Martinšćica, Trsatski brijeg and Veli vrh – Gradišće above the Rječina River) to the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Flumen Sancti Viti – St. Vitus's Rijeka

The development of Rijeka impelled the newly arrived Slavic settlers – the Croats – to conquer Tarsatica and start building a new settlement.

The turbulent 20th century

During the civil revolution of 1848, the city was annexed to the Banovina of Croatia, and the governor Josip Jelačić became governor of Rijeka. The fight over Rijeka between Croatia and Hungary was intensifying until the Croatian-Hungarian Treaty, the so called “Riječka krpica”...

At the turn of the century

This expansive social and economic development also increased the number of inhabitants. Today, Rijeka and its surroundings have approximately 200.000 inhabitants. Simultaneously with its industrial development, Rijeka became the centre of western Croatia.

Rijeka through the years

Chronological overview of the most important events that made this town what it is and without which there wouldn’t be a Rijeka as we know it today.