Grobnik’s pride – the most best preserved testimony of past times is undoubtedly the Frankopan Castle, situated on a 466 metres high hill, between the left bank of the river Rječina River and the Grobnik Field. By its appearanceIt towers above surpasses the wholeentire plateau of the Grobnik area and continues so that even today it keeps observing to watches over what is happeningwhat is happening the goings-on not only at in its foothill but also in the whole of Kvarner, because the view extends to Krk, Cres and Učka. 


It is the westernmost castle of the former Vinodol principality. It was built around the year 1000 on Roman bases foundations, so that even today, if we take a look when looking from the northwest side of the Castle toward the valley, we can see the remnants of the Roman Limes are visible. In the arcaded courtyard of the Castle there is aA gothic water-well hole with bearing the coatss of arms of the Frankopans and Krbava princes Gusić – Kurjaković coats of arms from the 15th century, graces the arcaded courtyard of the Castle.


Today, in this the beautiful ambience of the Castle setting , there are is home to the Gallery of Modern Art and tThe Native Museum of the Grobnik Area. These facilities are used during the year for many cultural events during the year.


Platak is probably the only ski resort in the our surroundings vicinity where, from the top of the ski lift (1.,363 m), you can enjoy a sea view! Besides Apart fromthe winter, Platak is also very famous popular during the summer too. At After only a few- hours walk through along organised and marked hiking paths you can find the Snježnik and Risnjak peaks which offering marvellous views. Asphalt roads around Platak are the perfect choice for mountain biking or for easy relaxed walks through nature, whilst the mountain hutsclimbers’ lodgings remain open throughout the year.