Kostrena is a popular, old seaside town mentioned for the first time in early 15th century. It is situated nearby Rijeka, surrounded by Martinšćica and the Bay of Bakar. Our Kostrena peninsula is about 10 kilometres long, with a mild slope towards the coast. There are many beautiful beaches there, visited by thousands during the summer months. The most famous and most popular are the beaches in Žurkovo Bay, Smokvino, Svežanj, Spužvina, Podražica, Nova voda and Perilo.


Kostrena consists of twenty settlements many of which are named after the families that used to inhabit them. Nowadays, the largest number of inhabitants live in Vrh Martinšćica, Glavani, Sv. Lucija, Rožmanići and Paveki. The area is characterized by karst with Mediterranean flora, well-known Kostrena dry stone walls, and a mild climate which sometimes changes due to the strong gusts of gale. Kostrena and its people owe their very existence and livelihood to the sea, and maritime affairs have been their basic orientation ever since the name Kostrena was first mentioned.