Lovran is a town with a long and diverse past and a hundred-year-long tradition of tourism. It took its name from laurel, laurus nobilis, which grows abundantly in the evergreen groves in the town and its surroundings.


Of all the places that have developed on the steep eastern slopes of Učka, Lovran is the oldest, founded directly on the coast of Liburnia. Lovran has preserved its historical core and medieval town plan. The old town was protected by defensive walls and bastions, on the foundations and walls of which houses have been built over time. The courtyards of the Old Town possess that special charm of Mediterranean townscapes. The façades of the houses, decorated with steps, porches and vaults can be glanced through stone gates. The centrepiece of the courtyard is the water-well.


Mild climate, luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and a favourable geographic location contributed to the rapid development of tourism during the late 19th and early 20th century. Ever since, Lovran and Opatija have been the most important destinations on the famous Riviera. Several villas designed by the celebrated Viennese architect Carl Seidel, dating back to that period, are a part of the world architectural heritage.