It seems like Mošćenička Draga is somehow “separated” from the rest of the world, but for tourists, curious visitors, weekend guests, hikers, sportspersons, artists and nature enthusiasts this place has always been the recommended holiday destination. With its original Mediterranean architecture, the Primorje tradition, fishery and history, it remains in the hearts of many guests as a place they like to come back to.


The Municipality of Mošćenička Draga covers the area from Cesara Bay to Stupova Bay under the village of Zagore (Stepča). The area has seven pebble beaches and innumerable wood and mountain paths. It is very hilly and covers 63 km2 with the surface of 4.396 ha. The area cuts deeply into the Učka Nature Park and is naturally protected by the hills of Sisol, Kremenjak, Perun and the dominant Učka Mountain.


Long time ago Mošćenička Draga was the fishing port of the town of Mošćenice; its oldest preserved written mention dates back to 1436. A settlement “…on the harbour next to St. Marina” is mentioned there. A must see for history enthusiasts are two medieval towns – Mošćenice, erected on cliffs rising 178 m above the sea and Brseč, erected on a 157 m high rock, overlooking the entire Kvarner.


The Lungomare promenade leading to the St. Ivan Beach, evokes romantic feelings in visitors. Along the way strollers can enjoy the sounds of the sea and the scent of the rich Mediterranean flora.