Tales from Rijeka

Tales from Rijeka

What really makes one place special are its stories. (In)famous people, events, mysteries, scientific discoveries, all in one place, and the stories never stop...


In the 19th century one citizen of Rijeka and one British citizen put Rijeka in the centre of the industrially developed world – thanks to the invention of the torpedo.

Titanic – Carpathia – Rijeka

The Carpathia sailed into history on 11 April 1912, when it departed from the Port of New York, heading for Rijeka with 700 passengers. In the night of 15 April, the routine work activities were suddenly interrupted with SOS signals...

Morčić – Rijeka’s good luck charm

What a coin on a red ribbon or an elephant with its trunk raised represent in China or a smiling Buddha in India, a black Moor with a white turban represents in Rijeka, and thanks to its popularity amongst all social classes, it has been accepted as a Rijeka souvenir.

Janko Polić Kamov

The Knight of the Black Swearword - the young man whose verses shocked his contemporaries.

The sweetest Rijeka's factory

Chocolate and Rijeka? Knowing that entrepreneurs from Rijeka had widespread trade connections throughout the world for a long time which they used to buy cacao, among other things, chocolate must have come to Rijeka quite early. Still, the decisive moment was the foundation of the Rijeka Cacao and Chocolate Factory, registered at the city’s economic map in 1896.

Milky Way from Grobnik – a story about milkmaids

Diligent women called mlikarice (milkmaids) were supplying Rijeka with milk, passing daily a long way on foot with heavy milk containers on their back. This is their story.

The city of Professor Balthazar

Rijeka’s urban look, its wide main street, port in the city centre, rich Austro-Hungarian buildings and industrial facilities served as an inspiration to the set designer of the cult cartoon, Balthazar, when creating the Balthazar City.

Mrtvi Kanal

Contrary to its name, there is life along the Mrtvi kanal (eng. Dead Channel).

Pet Cemetery

Not many know that Rijeka has a pet cemetery, not even Rijeka’s inhabitants. Not much is known about it, even though, apart from Paris and London, it is one of the oldest pet cemeteries in Europe.

Rijeka’s Hotels

Thanks to its excellent location in the Kvarner Gulf, the nice climate and good traffic connections, Rijeka has always attracted travellers.

Kantrida - the rocky stadium

Rijeka’s stadium lies between the sea and the rocks, and its special and attractive position earned it the third place on the CNN's list of the most unusual stadiums in the world.

Carolina of Rijeka

If you mention the name of Carolina Belinich in Rijeka, there is almost no passer-by who will not smile widely. ”Carolina of Rijeka? Is there anyone who still doesn’t know about our Carolina?!” And if you are lucky, you will hear the story about a lady from Rijeka whose character and actions have remained engraved in the memory of her fellow townspeople until today, although she lived in the 19th century.

St. Vitus – the patron saint of Rijeka

Saint Vitus is the patron saint of the City of Rijeka, and in Croatian, medieval Rijeka was known as “Rika svetoga Vida”, or in Latin as “Terra Fluminis sancti Viti”.