The unique position between the sea and the mountains created a specific gastronomic story that results in the combination of light coastal region cuisine embracing fish, seafood and continental specialities, mainly meat dishes. Tradition in the hands of top chefs who master contemporary culinary secrets, leads to the unique harmony of flavours not only in world-famous restaurants, but also in authentic local taverns and inns that offer authentic food of the region.


Each season brings its ingredients into meals, spring with juicy cherries and asparagus from dense mountain forests, an unbeatable summer with Kvarner bay scampi, fresh fish and shellfish, autumn with forest fruits such as mushrooms and famous Lovran’s chestnuts. Try local ingredients and world-class specialities at special events such as the ‘Gourmet story of Opatija Riviera’, which offers shrimps and fish, and at ‘RI gastro’, specialities based on traditional recipes.