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  • Laughing Days at the Carnival

    Laughing Days at the Carnival

    The carnival period is a time for having fun, wearing colourful masks and lots of laughter. There can be no better reason for you to join us at the Laughing Days at the Carnival event and to let the extensive programme make you laugh until you cry.
    14. 01. 2020.
  • Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant

    Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant

    The beginning of the Rijeka carnival and the introductory Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant are scheduled for 17 January at the Dvorana mladosti Sports Hall starting at 8 pm.
    02. 01. 2020.
  • Rijeka Carnival

    We are eagerly waiting for January when the holiday decorations give way to carnival ribbons marking the beginning of the 37th edition of the Rijeka Carnival.
    02. 01. 2020.
  • Ri Gastro Advent

    This year, the Ri Gastro event will once again transform Riječka Rezolucija Square into a one-of-a-kind fairy-tale venue offering a rainbow of Christmas decorations, holiday beverages and authentic local dishes.
    02. 12. 2019.

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