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The most entertaining summer in Rijeka yet

Dear friends of Rijeka,

Something new, something familiar and smooth-running and all of it packed with events and revolving around the summer - this is July in Rijeka in a nutshell. Summer in the Capital is a new summer event taking place in Rijeka that combines all the introductory programs of the Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture project and rounds off a mixed bag of events under its umbrella (or should we say parasol). July is also the month when two well-known and beloved events among the denizens of Rijeka and its visitors take place - Rijeka Summer Nights and Summer on Gradina, both of which are ripe with programmes that will provide entertainment during the hot summer in Rijeka. The sun will also bring out a one-of-a-kind exhibition named Pul Kaštela, while an array of wonderful and mellifluous programmes are afoot in the Nights of Rijeka Squares.

All this and much more will be announced in our newsletter. You can skim through the PDF version of our July calendar of events, which is available on our ISSUU profile, or visit the ŠTA DAnas? (What to do today?) website to find out the latest news about the events taking place in Rijeka and its surroundings.

We wish you a pleasant July in Rijeka!

Your Rijeka Tourist Board


New Summer in Rijeka – Summer in the City

Ljeto u prijestolnici

Summer in the City is an umbrella name for the introductory programmes of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture project and other important cultural events taking place in the streets, squares, parks and cultural institutions of Rijeka, as well as other usual and unusual places.

The Furioza cycle brings socially engaged Croatian and international musicians to Rijeka, while the youngest visitors can enjoy the Tobogan children's festival with 40 different programmes, followed by the Sailor Sweet&Salt Music Festival with a number of well-known artists and a concert performance by the world-renowned Americana band Calexico, as well as the latest edition of the Porto Etno festival of music and food.
In cooperation with the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc, a portion of the Rijeka Summer Nights programme has also been included in the Summer in the City event and during the hot summer nights, the streets will become a venue for Spajalica – a series of art interventions in public spaces. Rijeka will also host the EASA, the biggest international assembly of architecture students, and will be one of the cities to host the 2nd Industrial Art Biennale.
The Summer in the City will be long and fantastic. For more information, visit the website

Pul Kaštela – open-air art

Pul Kaštela

For the 27th year running, Trsat will be transformed into an alternative exhibition space for a day.

On 1 July, the traditional open-air art exhibition Pul Kaštela will once again take centre stage at Trsat Castle and in Petar Zrinski Street, one of the oldest streets in the city, where a string of professional and amateur artists will showcase their works on the façades. The exhibition will begin in the early morning hours, with the opening ceremony scheduled for 11 am. This wonderful art event will close with an awards ceremony and musical programme that begin at 8 pm.

Nights of Rijeka Squares and Beaches

After last summer’s successful debut, this year we can once again cool off from the hot summer days with a plethora of programmes as part of the Nights of Rijeka Squares and Beaches.

At Rijeka Resolution Square, you can enjoy the International Music and Folk-Dance Festival and concert performances by Natali Dizdar and Klapa Rišpet, Kobler Square will once again host the Thursdays at Kobler’s event, while other concerts will also be held at Pavlin Square, St. Barbara’s Square, Bat Square and Tea Square. The summer programme will also include Summer Nights at the Terminal, the lounge/pizza bar Boonker will host its own events and there is also Summer in the Old Town, while the beach bars Pajol, Morski Prasac, Prasowski and Empeduja become must-visit establishments during this time of the year.

4,000 candles will light up the start of another Summer on Gradina

Ljeto na Gradini

Summer on Gradina is an event that brings life to the enchanting venue that is Trsat Castle every summer. The opening ceremony on 7 July will be lit up by 4,000 candles and will provide the perfect introduction to the upcoming events taking place all summer long.

The event centres around conceptual programmes exclusively tailored for Trsat Castle which, as such, live and breathe with its walls. The six conceptual events also make an appealing tourist product, since they were designed and created with the aim of transcending language barriers, making them interesting to both the local populace and tourists visiting Rijeka during the summer months.
Besides the original conceptual themed events, such as the Gradina Dance Art Dance performance, the City 45 20 fashion extravaganza, the Light Transformation Gradina light play, Taste & Music – an event that fuses cuisine and music and Baltazar on Gradina – an event dedicated to science, Summer on Gradina is also teeming with music, theatre, art and educational programmes. As many as 18 programmes will be held this summer including 253 performers from 7 countries, with live performances by Božo Vrećo, The Frajle and Chelsea Wolfe, as well as three sublime theatrical plays as highlights. The musical portion of the programme includes concert performances by the orchestra Popsid from Estonia, Vivien Galletta and Natko Štiglić, while the guitarist Ivan Pešut will hold a tribute concert to Eric Clapton. BSH Trsat Castle | Adria Sunset Sessions on Gradina will provide a great party, and then there is also Gradina No Limit, an event that brings together artists, and PAR Gradina Znanja – the finale of the entrepreneur camp.


Homo si plivat

LEN European Aquatics Day

This year, Ploče, one of the most stunning beaches in Rijeka, will once again host the 6th LEN European Aquatics Day – Homo si plivat! international long-distance swimming cup from start to finish. The competition consists of two simultaneous 1,000-metre and 5,000-metre races beginning at 11 am, with the award ceremony scheduled for 2 pm.

Rijeka Summer Nights

Popular locations around the city, as well as other places that the locals would be hard-pressed to imagine as a stage for actors and theatre props, will be handed over to artists expressing themselves through music and performance in a number of different ways. These few magical weeks are known as Rijeka Summer Nights and they will be permeating every pore of the city from 4 to 18 July. A diverse programme has been prepared for the faithful audience, as well as for newcomers to this summer theatre festival in Rijeka that caters for spectators of all ages, preferences and expectations.

Astronomski centar Rijeka

Programme for foreign tourists at the Astronomical Centre Rijeka

This tourist season, the Astronomical Centre Rijeka has prepared another programme for tourists – in addition to regular programmes, the movie “SEEING! A Photon's Journey Across Space, Time & Mind” will be screened in the English language every Wednesday at 8 pm at the digital planetarium. The movie consists of scenes that show various parts of life, including people, landscapes, the sky, animal life and space, and serves as a backdrop for realistic animations that tell the story of a photon's journey from the centre of a distant star, across the galaxy, and into the eye of a young observer. The famous American physicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson is the narrator in the English version of this movie, which also explains how the human eye works.


Riječke plaže

Rijeka's Beaches

Whether you would like to spend your holiday with your family, on an active sport holiday, enjoying romantic moments, alone or being entertained – Rijeka has the beach for everyone’s taste.

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the bathing season in Rijeka begins in spring and lasts until late autumn. Two Rijeka beaches, Ploče and Kostanj are the proud owners of Blue Flags, the finest proof of the cleanliness of Rijeka's sea. The sea is clean and blue, the sun is drawn here and the beaches are numerous, diverse, large and noisy, small and secluded, pebbly, concrete, rocky, hidden... more> 

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