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A Gastro Tour – from Fiume (Rijeka) to Tarsa (Trsat)

The interweaving maritime and continental climates, along with the environmentally sound surroundings of Kvarner, have, from the nutritive point of view, enriched the Littoral cuisine with the traditions of the Mediterranean diet, extremely beneficial for our health and recommended all around the world, with autochthonous flavours and aromas you can enjoy right here!

The Old Town

Experience the mysterious side of Rijeka, the one telling a story from times immemorial, the story about the old Romans who moved the Palaeolithic and Neolithic Rijeka from the edges of the today’s city closer to the sea, which means that from the main Rijeka’s promenade – Korzo you step into the passage under the city tower leading to the “old Rijeka”. It is enough to pass through only a few metres long “small tunnel” to step into Rijeka’s history so nicely incorporated in the present.

Rijeka Innovations

The openness of this city toward everything new and different, as well as the dynamics of life so characteristic of living by the sea, have resulted in numerous innovations that have come to life precisely in Rijeka. This city is traditionally open to new people and ideas, while it was marked the most by its glorious industrial past. Some of the globally important innovations and technological achievements date back to that time.

Culture as Identity

“You don't say?”, rock and culture may not be synonymous, but they are emblematic of Rijeka, at least where Croatians and others are concerned. And while you don’t say? is a cute catchphrase devoid of any deeper meaning, rock and culture - which are inextricably linked to multiculturality - are far more serious markers of Rijeka' s urban identity.

Rijeka’s sound

Rijeka wears the rock clothes for almost 60 years. No matter if it variegates in diversity of the most delightful hippie colours or wearing the leather full of studs, if along its streets walk long or short hairs, spiky hair or dreadlocks, Rijeka since ever has its recognizable sound, so particular that any ear prone to music cannot mistake it for the sound of any other town.

The "belly of the city" - Rijeka’s Market

If you believe that love goes through the stomach, then Velika placa (Big Market), as Rijeka’s citizens call their central market, is the right place for you! The pulsating energy of the belly of the city leaves no one indifferent, awakening all your senses and inviting you to surrender to a carefree game of verbal wit and astute choosing, as well as to the excitement of unpredictable shopping and preparing a tasteful meal upon returning home.

Rijeka Carnival – a smiling critic of social reality

Rijeka is, in many ways, a specific city and along with these specific features it has “that certain something” that makes it different from the rest of the world. “That certain something” is its fifth season. While everyone else's year has four seasons, Rijeka, stealing mostly from the winter and a bit from the spring, has created its own one-of-a-kind fifth season. Carnival is its name. And in Rijeka Carnival has always been written with a capital “C” and enjoyed wholeheartedly for as long as people can remember. 

Skiing with the scent of the sea

An ideal geographic position, historical circumstances and the depth of the sea has made Rijeka one of the most important and largest central European ports. Here, in this corner of the planet we find together what might at first sight seem incompatible – the largest port city which is at the same time one of the most important ski centres in the country.

Rijeka Bike

Although Rijeka is not always regarded as a bike-friendly city, the Rijeka Area Bike Route paints a contrasting picture.

A pair of harbour cranes at the main breakwater

You have never seen a more unusual pair in love. The relationship started in 2013 when it was sealed by the City of Rijeka and the Port of Rijeka Authority at the main breakwater, a place where both cranes had moved around for years and it had seemed that they would just leave quietly, at a respectful age. But destiny wrote a story that neither of them had ever dreamt about, being busy with the extreme load of everyday work.

Find refreshment on Rijeka’s beaches

When warmer, sunnier days arrive, thoughts simply wander towards beaches. Rijeka has plenty of them and thanks to the moderate climate, the bathing season lasts from spring to late autumn. Where to go?

Advent in Rijeka

Rijeka, a unique city in many ways, has a unique way of saying farewell to the old year. Each month in Rijeka is special in its own right, but December – well, December is a fairy-tale told in the streets, shops, by the sea and on the beach by the people and the city they live in. The moment Rijeka steps into December and starts to shine in all its holiday splendour is the moment everything in it becomes magic.

Ri Gastro Days

Rijeka is renowned for its fifth season, the carnival season, but true foodies know that the other four seasons have their own delights to offer as well – those of the gastronomical kind!

Rijeka Means Sea

The unbreakable bond between Rijeka and the sea can be observed at every step in the city, and many events are dedicated to that bond between the city and the sea, which is especially noticeable at the beginning of summer when the sea becomes more approachable and peaceful.

The Rebuilt Centre of the Old Town

The role nowadays occupied by Korzo, the heart of Rijeka and its busiest promenade, used to be occupied by the Ivan Kobler Square, located next to the former city hall Palac Komuna Rečkog and the City Clock Tower between two department stores that were made on the foundations of demolished old buildings. That very square, which was named after historian Giovanni Kobler, was the place where the living force of Rijeka's public life soared and where all of the business was conducted out in the open.


If you are travelling through Rijeka, and you only have an hour, two or maybe one day, use this time for a quick tour of the city. Here are a few suggestions by travel agencies on the best ways to use this short period of time.

Rijeka is Water, Water is Rijeka

Welcome to the ‘city that flows’. To the city where you cannot go thirsty, which is proud of its water and considers it - the best water in the world.