Rijeka Bike

Rijeka Bike

Author: Bojan Šenkinc


Steeped in history and tradition, this region is where the sea and the mountains meet in a special way. With plenty of attractive events, a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings, the Rijeka area can best be described as a perfect mixture of great entertainment opportunities, wonderful beaches, romantic ancient towns, recognisable cuisine and traditional hospitality. With this in mind, we have created the Rijeka Area Bike Route – an itinerary that will provide a different experience of the town and its surroundings to all lovers of action-packed holidays and recreation. We invite you to take your bike and start exploring!

The Rijeka Area Bike Route stretches a total length of 63 km, revealing sites of interest and attractions in as many as 8 towns and municipalities in the Rijeka area. If you are in good shape, you can cover the Route in just one day, but if you want the full experience,
we recommend taking several days to explore it. With more than 100 km of linked paths that can be combined in different ways, the beautiful landscape and different altitudes -
from sea level to mountain passes and peaks offering stunning views of Rijeka Bay - this bike route is a truly memorable cycling adventure. 



The Rijeka part of the Rijeka Ring cycle track

Although Rijeka is not always regarded as a bike-friendly city, the Rijeka Area Bike Route paints a contrasting picture. Following this route you can quickly escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax on the banks of the River Rječina, admire wonderful views from the top of Veli Vrh or from the ridge of Sušačka Draga, or enjoy looking into space from the observatory on Sveti Križ.

Kablari - Veli vrh - Lopača
length: 12,5 km
From Kablari you can descend to Drenova, follow the asphalt road or the forest path uphill to Pulac, and have a rest on the peak of Veli Vrh. The view from there is well worth the effort. To reach the bridge in Pašac you can choose between gravel road and the more demanding ancient mule paths. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured you will enjoy the ride.

Grohovo - Trsat - Draga - Kostrena
length: 16 km
From the bridge in Pašac continue via Orehovica to the ancient Frankopan castle. Admire the view of Kvarner from the peak of Trsat, and then continue to the Rijeka Astronomy Centre located on the hill of Sv. Križ and further downhill through the valley of Draški Potok to Martinšćica and Kostrena.