Rijeka’s sound

Rijeka’s sound Rijeka’s sound Rijeka’s sound Rijeka’s sound Rijeka’s sound Rijeka’s sound

Written by: Slavica Mrkić Modrić

Photos: Damir Krizmanić - Kriza and Kristijan Vučković


Rijeka has been wearing rock clothing for almost 60 years. Whether showing of its most cheerful hippie colours or wearing leather studded with rivets, having long or short hair, wearing crest or dreadlocks, Rijeka has always had its recognisable sound, so particular that no ear prone to music could mistake it for the sound of any other city. It has been created in Rijeka’s garages, taverns, small communal premises and other, not at all attractive, but today legendary venues. It has been created by many generations. It was initiated by “Uragani”, continued by their followers, and then through the psychedelic music of the 1970s all the way to the biggest musical boom in Rijeka, to the 1978 and the eruption of punk movement. This scene is considered to be the base of all those citizens of Rijeka who play Rijeka’s sound on Croatian and foreign stages.


And it’s so easy to recognise Rijeka’s sound. It is a reflection of the city in which it has been created, as well as of the streets of Rijeka, its sunny and shady side. Its music book reflects the coexistence of the tough notes of a port city and those bright and cheerful ones that can be written only in the city whose had is touching the clouds while dipping its feet in the blue sea. Rijeka plays its own song. And it is playing it with the same intensity in numerous clubs mostly located in the very city centre, at world famous and praised festivals, on beaches and in abandoned industrial and military premises. It plays its song in the homes of its citizens, in good times and bad times. Rijeka is just like a good LP. It is a city with a long playing tradition, whose musicians take great care of their record. As long as this is the case, Rijeka will remain what it has been for decades – the greatest rock city of this beautiful country. The city that, just as its musicians, has never hesitated to be different. To be itself.