Public Transport

Public Transport Public Transport

Rijeka’s public transportation includes the city (1st zone) and suburban (2nd, 3rd and 4th zone) bus lines. Public transport operates from 5 am to 11.30 pm, approximately every 15 minutes.

Bus lines scheme 


Bus tickets can be bought at kiosks and are valid for two fares. You validate the ticket by inserting it in the ticket machine when you get on the bus. A one-way ticket at a somewhat higher price can be bought from the bus driver on the bus. Daily tickets can also be bought at kiosks and weekly tickets can be bought exclusively at the selling points of Autotrolej.

Ticket prices

1st zone - HRK 15.50

2nd zone - HRK 21.00

3rd zone - HRK 26.00

4th zone - HRK 30.00

Daily ticket 1st zone - HRK 20.00 / 1st -4th zone - HRK 32.00

Weekly ticket 1st zone - HRK 80.00 / 1st -4th zone - HRK 160.00


Bus timetable

The day and night timetables for the city and suburban bus lines can be found at the Autotrolej web page.



+385 60 151 151 / +385 51 311 400