Guided Tour

Guided Tour

Take a tour around the city accompanied by a tourist guide, discover the city's secrets, meet all of its many faces. Book your term and relax as you are guided by professionals.

One of the best ways to discover a new place, its natural beauties and its cultural and historical sites is with a tourist guide. 


The knowledge and experience of the members of the Association of Tourist Guides of Kvarner is a guarantee that your visit to Rijeka will remain a beautiful memory for a long time to come. The members of the Association really love their city and are more than happy to do this job. Professional guides offer their services in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian. You can find and contact a professional tourist guide or escort for your excursion or trip on the Association’s web page


If you wish to experience Rijeka in the same way as the locals do, then the choice for you is the RijekaTrips by the My Travel agency. The trips, stories and anecdotes of the passionate guides will make you fall in love with the city that “flows” just as the locals like it. RijekaTrips are small group trips and tours and their aim is to make you a part of the city's lifeline for the day, whether it be through heritage or gastronomy, nature and adrenaline, or Rijeka's vibrant rock music.


All those who want to walk through the Rijeka stories have the opportunity to do just that with travel agency RB Travel. Choose one of their group or private guided tours of our city, stroll down the historic centre Trsat, get to know our industrial heritage, visit the best photo sites, treat yourself to a gastronomic walk, get to know the city with a professional photographer who will perpetuate your falling in love with Rijeka…