Mobile applications

Mobile applications

Applications that can turn your mobile phone into a genuine expert on Rijeka and its surrounding places. Find and see interesting locations, choose accommodation or a place to try local delicacies, find out what is currently going on in the city, hop into Augmented Reality and take a bike across Rijeka and its surroundings without getting lost. Let your mobile phone be your source of information...

Bike Rijeka

The Bike Rijeka mobile application includes around 40 cycle tracks that run through eight cities and municipalities in Rijeka's surrounding area: Rijeka, Kastav, Klana, Viškovo, Jelenje, Čavle, Kostrena and Bakar. The greatest focus has been on the track and navigation display, and you can choose tracks based on the level of difficulty and simply based on the locations on the map. 


Track navigation, apart from trajectory, displays the statistics of the ride, completed kilometres and speed. During the bike ride, the Google map also shows nearby attractions and contact information for hospitality facilities, accommodation and other assisting services.


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