Rijeka’s monuments tell their stories through the modern technology as well – all smartphone and tablet owners can scan the QR codes marked on them and get more information in English, German, Italian and Croatian language.


Rijeka is the city with an interesting past which is often unknown even to its inhabitants; we have used the advantages offered by the QR codes and tried to make the cultural heritage familiar in this simple and direct way. A good foundation for using the QR codes in Rijeka is certainly the free wireless Internet access available in the city centre as well as in the area of Trsat, thereby making the use of modern devices and finding information easier.


Reading QR codes

The QR codes can be scanned with every cell phone or tablet which has a camera, internet access and an installed QR code scanning application. Some devices have these applications preinstalled, and for others there is a wide range of free applications that can be downloaded from the Internet. By running the application and scanning a QR code with the camera you get to a web address hidden in the code that leads you to a multitude of information on local attractions.