The Trsat Castle, which has been a watchful eye overlooking Istria and Kvarner for centuries, is the ideal place to tell the stories it has witnessed, this is why it was selected as the base for the "Malik Fest". This fairy tale-like costume show is held in the area in and around Trsat Castle and the programme offers a range of multimedia events with the aim of presenting the intangible cultural heritage - myths and legends of Istria and Kvarner, and the Festival also deals with the themes of man's relationship with nature and ecology. In addition to hanging out with creatures from myths and legends, the programme includes a combination of theatre pieces, authentic instrument performances, staging of mythical creatures of our region, storytelling, presentation and the offer of indigenous crafts, products and delicacies, exhibitions, presentations of ancient sports, a variety of workshops, games and discussions.

Time of event: June
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