One morning back in 1291 Trsat's woodmen saw a small house in front of them in the woods that was not there earlier. Scared and surprised, they notified the vicar Jurjević about the miracle, and he calmed them down by telling them that he already knew what it was. In fact, it was the Nazareth house of the Holy Virgin Mary which was, from fear of the Ottoman conqueror, transported by angels to Trsat where it remained for full three years and seven months. However, after that period the moment arrived when the house continued its journey towards Lorreto, where it should have been transported to in the first place. Prince Martin Frankopan, in order to comfort the people of Trsat, built the Franciscan monastery on the same site. Today, the Our Lady's sanctuary known by many who have come here on pilgrimages and by the numerous believers, especially on the day of Assumption of Mary is located on Trsat.

Time of event: 15th August
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