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Mine Yours Ours: Transnationalism, international interdisciplinary thematic festival

The 13th international interdisciplinary thematic festival “Mine, Yours, Ours”, which is organised by the Drugo More association, will be held from 22 to 24 March as part of the international State Machines programme. With transnationalism as the central theme of this year's festival, its conference and exhibition programme will deal with the contradictions of modern life, as strongly evidenced by the prominence of borders between/within the physical spaces of countries in a time when our world has never been more interconnected. The festival begins on 22 March with the “Transnationalisms” exhibition by the curator James Bridle, one of the leading contemporary artists and publicists, whose work deals with the ways in which digital and online culture penetrate the physical world. Besides the work of Julian Oliver, who is arguably the most famous artist at the festival, the exhibition will also showcase the works of Jonas Staal, Jeremy Hutchison, Helen Walker, Harun Morrison, Raphael Fabre, Daniela Ortiz and the Studio Folder group. During the conference portion of the festival, which will take place on 23 and 24 March, Croatian and international experts and artists will give presentations and discuss the topic of transnationalism. Keynote speakers in the grand hall of Filodrammatica include Atossa Araxia Abrahamian, James Bridle, Aljoša Pužar and Gordan Bosanac. Admission to all programmes is free of charge.

22 March-14 April Transnationalism, exhibition - Jonas Staal, Jeremy Hutchison, Helen Walker, Harun Morrison, Raphael Fabre, Daniela Ortiz and Studio Folder, Mali salon, opens on 22 March at 8 pm
23-24 March Conference, Filodrammatica

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