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06.06.2019 - 04.09.2019


Marc Chagall: Colours of Love, exhibition

The exhibition of works by the Belarusian-French Modernist painter Marc Chagall, the first of its kind in Rijeka and organised in cooperation with the Rebel Kolektiv, is open to the public until 4 September 2019 at the Kortil Gallery, a constituent of the Croatian House of Culture in Sušak. The exhibition is a sort of retrospective of Chagall's graphic opus, which spanned 65 long and incessantly creative years from the early 1920s to the 1980s. In addition to capturing the truly impressive creative lifespan of the renowned Chagall, what makes the exhibition in Rijeka particularly interesting is that it puts on display the artist's last graphic work created shortly before his death. Although certain connoisseurs of culture may have already seen exhibitions of this Modernist artist in Rovinj and Zadar, their artistic curiosity will remain intact because the collection in Rijeka holds a large number of works that have yet to be displayed. The art exhibited in Rijeka, owned by various European art collectors, allows curious culture aficionados to enjoy the artist's eternal servitude to love in all its shapes, languages and forms through a series of lithographs, chalcographs, woodcuts, drawings and memorabilia. Marc Chagall: Colours of Love, the title of Chagall's Rijeka fairy tale, will last the whole summer, every day, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., including weekends and bank holidays. Tickets, which are available for purchase at the entrance to the Kortil Gallery, will be sold at the following prices: adults – HRK 70.00, pensioners (65+) – HRK 55.00, students – HRK 55.00, children (under the age of 14) – HRK 35.00, family ticket – HRK 180.00, group ticket (+10 people) – HRK 50.00. You can also take an expert-guided tour suited for all ages in several languages.

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