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Summer on Gradina

Trsat Castle
08.07.2018 - 02.09.2018


Summer on Gradina

Summer on Gradina is an event that brings life to the enchanting venue that is Trsat Castle every summer. The opening ceremony on 7 July will be lit up by 4,000 candles and will provide the perfect introduction to the upcoming events taking place all summer long.
The event centres around conceptual programmes exclusively tailored for Trsat Castle which, as such, live and breathe with its walls. The six conceptual events also make an appealing tourist product, since they were designed and created with the aim of transcending language barriers, making them interesting to both the local populace and tourists visiting Rijeka during the summer months.
Besides the original conceptual themed events, such as the Gradina Dance Art Dance performance, the City 45 20 fashion extravaganza, the Light Transformation Gradina light play, Taste & Music – an event that fuses cuisine and music and Baltazar on Gradina – an event dedicated to science, Summer on Gradina is also teeming with music, theatre, art and educational programmes. As many as 18 programmes will be held this summer including 253 performers from 7 countries, with live performances by Božo Vrećo and The Frajle, as well as three sublime theatrical plays as highlights. The musical portion of the programme includes concert performances by the orchestra Popsid from Estonia, Vivien Galletta and Natko Štiglić, while the guitarist Ivan Pešut will hold a tribute concert to Eric Clapton. BSH Trsat Castle | Adria Sunset Sessions on Gradina will provide a great party, and then there is also Gradina No Limit, an event that brings together artists, and PAR Gradina Znanja – the finale of the entrepreneur camp.

8 July 4.000 candles on Gradina, at 9:30 pm - POSTPONED
12 July Gradina Dance Art, at 9:30 pm
14 July City 45 20, fashion festival, at 9:30 pm
18 July Men.hr, play, at 9 pm
21 July Sunset Gradina, at 4 pm
26 July The Frajle, concert, at 9:30 pm
29 July Vivien Galletta & Natko Štiglić, concert, at 9 pm

All programs are subject to change and organizers are responsible for all the changes. Rijeka Tourist Board is not responsible for any last minute changes.