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Customize your stay Customize your stay Customize your stay Customize your stay Customize your stay Customize your stay

You want ideas for what to do in Rijeka, for exactly the amount of time you have available and specifically tailored for your needs? Here you go!

A couple of hours in Rijeka

If you are travelling through Rijeka, and have to change buses or train and you only have an hour or two, use this time for a quick tour of the city.

A day in our city

One day in Rijeka is enough to visit the most important sights, while the concentration of interesting sights in the centre and its immediate vicinity and good public transport connections will facilitate your visit.

A three-day stay in Rijeka

A three-day stay in Rijeka gives you the opportunity to get to know the city in several ways: from the cultural and historical tradition of the city, its nature, to entertainment and a rich gastronomic offers.

Rijeka in a week

A week in Rijeka is enough if you want to get to know many corners of the city in a relaxed way, to feel its atmosphere, and perhaps also to get into the city’s life rhythm.

A family holiday

Rijeka, which participates in the Croatian Towns and Districts Friends of Children Initiative, in its centre, as well as in its immediate vicinity, offers amenities that will enrich the stay of both parents and children.

Rijeka for two

Your stay in Rijeka will certainly be even more enjoyable if you spend it in the company of the person you love.

Rijeka as a base for excursions

Thanks to its exceptional geographic location, Rijeka is located at the intersection of several key transport routes, so that staying here offers the possibility of going on a number of excursions.

Green Rijeka

The Kvarner area is known for its blend of the Mediterranean, sub-Mediterranean and, on the other side, mountain-valley climate. This combination of the sea and the mountains enables the growth of vegetative resources.

Cultural and historical walks

The concentration of museums, galleries and theatres in the heart of the city are what makes a visit to Rijeka, in terms of cultural and historical tourism, a very pleasant experience.

For sporting types

While visiting Rijeka and the surrounding area, sports lovers will definitely find what they want since they’ll have the opportunity to enjoy unspoiled nature or the specialized sports and recreation clubs in the city.

Rijeka for persons with disabilities

The City of Rijeka has adapted an increasing number of its facilities aiming at facilitating access and movement  for persons with disabilities.

On the road with a pet

Accompanied by their owners, four-legged passengers are very welcome to Rijeka, and the facilities offered by the city will facilitate pet owners to take care of them and make their stay enjoyable.