If you are travelling through Rijeka, and have to change buses or train and you only have an hour or two, use this time for a quick tour of the city. Depending on whether you come by car, boat, train or bus, it's very likely that you'll end up in the city centre, because this is where the bus station is, as well as the maritime terminal and larger car parks. If this is the case, you're in the right place for a quick tour of Rijeka, which could make you want to come back here one day for a holiday. Here are a few suggestions on the best ways to use this short period of time:

  • Walk down Korzo, the main promenade, because it is the city's lifeblood, and the best way to feel it, is to sit for a while in one of the many cafes and enjoy the everyday life of Rijeka


  • Visit the sights that are located in the vicinity - Rijeka's St. Vitus' Cathedral, Leaning Tower, Capuchin Church, Old Gateway, Stendarac - the city flagpole, walk through the Old City


  • Be sure to visit the main city market - Placa, a place that has fed generations of the people of Rijeka, experience the unpredictability of shopping that cannot be compared to supermarkets, see the impressive architecture of the pavilion



  • If you are hungry, along with the fast food facilities for those with little time on their hands, Rijeka offers restaurants and taverns where you can try autochthonous as well as international specialties. Do not forget to try the scampi (they are the best right here in Kvarner


  • Take a walk along the waterfront, continue a few steps along Molo Longo, Rijeka's breakwater with the best view of the city - you probably won't have time to walk the entire route of 2 kilometres, so leave something for the next time


  • To find your way around Rijeka more easily you can download one of Rijeka's mobile applications, and if you notice QR codes on the buildings, read them by using your mobile device and learn more about their history thanks to the QRijeka project. And don't worry about the Internet - Rijeka has free wireless Internet in the city centre, on Trsat and at several other locations.