One day in Rijeka is enough to visit the most important sights, while the concentration of interesting sights in the centre and its immediate vicinity and good public transport connections will facilitate your visit. During a one-day stay, it is possible to combine several different contents - depending on your preferences. Rijeka offers cultural and historical, entertainment and scientific contents. On the other hand, if your goal is purely relaxing and enjoying the sea, there are a number of city beaches and promenades. These are just some of the spots that you should visit in order to have an insight into the everyday life, culture, traditions and peculiarities of the city:

  • To visit Rijeka without walking down Korzo, the lifeblood of the city, is almost unimaginable. There you'll see the inevitable City Tower, the most recognisable symbol of Rijeka that dominates the city centre.


  • Around Korzo you can visit some of the most important historical sights of Rijeka - the Rijeka Resolution Square and Stendarac - the city flagpole, the Kobler Square which leads you into the Old City, the Roman Old Gateway, St. Vitus' Cathedral dedicated to the city's patron saint, the Church of the Assumption and the popular Leaning Tower, as well as numerous nearby museums.


  • If you need rest and refreshments there are catering facilities such as cafes, pastry shops, taverns and restaurants, some of which are located on Korzo, while others are right by the sea, on the Rijeka's waterfront.


  • Don't miss a visit to the City Market, the popular Placa, where apart from the unique experience of the ''belly of the city" and the interesting architecture of the pavilion, especially the fish pavilion, it is possible to eat at a very good price in one of the many taverns.


  • Be sure to visit Trsat and the Trsat Castle - Trsat, which is located on a hill above the city, can be reached by bus line 2, and for those in better shape we suggest climbing Petar Kružić's steps. In the immediate vicinity there is the oldest Marian Shrine in Croatia - the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, and for nature lovers, Trsat is the ideal place for walks - in the park of the Shrine or the Heroes Park.


  • Upon returning to the centre, we suggest taking a walk down Rijeka's breakwater (Molo Longo), which offers a view of the whole city. If you are tired of walking, take the 7A bus line to the Astronomical Centre Rijeka located in the eastern part of the city - along with various screenings, lectures and stargazing, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the entire bay.


  • For those who are looking for a good time, Rijeka offers many bars and clubs, and especially interesting are the ones located on the ships docked on the waterfront.