A three-day stay in Rijeka gives you the opportunity to get to know the city in several ways: from the cultural and historical tradition of the city, its nature, to entertainment and a rich gastronomic offers, and you have enough time for a short excursion around Rijeka’s surroundings. Here are some suggestions for three unforgettable days in Rijeka:

  • Be sure to set aside one day for the city centre, and since the most interesting sights are largely located in the centre and its immediate vicinity, you can make quite a tour in a short period of time. The Korzo promenade is the best place to start for a tour of Rijeka, because it is the lifeblood of the city and many sights are only a few steps away - the unavoidable symbol of the city, the City Clock Tower, Stendarac, St. Vitus’ Cathedral, an archaeological park, the old city gateway, the Church of the Assumption with the bell tower, and the popular "Leaning Tower". A majority of the city’s museums and collections are located nearby. While in the centre, do not miss Placa - the Main Market.


  • You can dedicate one day of your stay to walking - the Molo Longo breakwater provides the best view of the city from the sea. Although you can easily reach Trsat by bus line 2 from the city centre, it is a very special experience to climb all 561 stairs to Trsat before resting in a natural shade of the Trsat Castle. If this walk is not enough, visit the observatory in the Astronomical Centre Rijeka, but do this by bus (line 7A) or a taxi, since it is located in the eastern part of the city.


  • Visit the neighbouring cities - feel the relaxed charm of Kastav, walk the famous Opatija's promenade Lungomare, feel the adrenaline of the Grobnik Race Track, experience the charm of Volosko... If you are here in the summer, be sure to visit one of Rijeka's beaches, however, you can enjoy swimming even in the cooler periods in one of the best swimming pool complexes in Europe - Kantrida.



  • The perfect companion during your stay in Rijeka will be one of Rijeka’s mobile applications. Your mobile device can also be used to learn more about the sights of Rijeka, by scanning their QR codes. Rijeka has free wireless Internet in several popular locations, so that the use of mobile applications won't be expensive. For more information go to our Tourist Information Centre.