The Kvarner area is known for its blend of the Mediterranean, sub-Mediterranean and, on the other side, mountain-valley climate. This combination of the sea and the mountains enables the growth of vegetative resources. The region is known for its mild climate, and in the vicinity there are a number of health resorts. Breathe in a little health yourself, and here are several walking paths in the city centre and the surrounding areas.

  • In the heart of the city there is the Theatre Park, winner of the "Blue Flower" award for the most beautiful park in Croatia, and close by you'll find the parks of Nikola Host and Vladimir Nazor for a short break from the city bustle.


  • Walk along Rijeka's breakwater with a view of the whole of Rijeka from the sea. The popular Molo Longo is about 2 kilometres long and is the ideal choice for those in better shape, but also for those who enjoy a leisurely walk.


  • Trsat also has something to offer to nature lovers - the Trsat Gardens and the park of the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat with terraced gardens where you can relax.


  • If you choose to walk by the sea, we suggest the seaside promenade connecting Kantrida, Costabella and Preluk. The beginning of Opatija's promenade, Lungomare, is nearby.


  • To those who are more adventurous and in better shape, we recommend the walking trail along the canyon of the river Rječina, and by following the markings you can reach the village of Sveti Martin. Marked forest trails can be found in the nearby town of Kastav as well.


  • During your visit to this area, if your goal is to enjoy untouched nature, be sure to visit the Učka Nature Park and Risnjak National Park.


  • The network of numerous bike trails will provide the opportunity to enjoy with all your senses, regardless of the type of surface, mild or steep climbs or varying track lengths. The Bike Route also has an accompanying mobile app intended to ease the navigation on bike trails of Rijeka and the Rijeka area.