The City of Rijeka has adapted an increasing number of its facilities aiming at facilitating access and movement for persons with disabilities.

  • Before coming to Rijeka, when choosing your accommodation use our web catalogue and by using filters you can easily find all the facilities that have access for people with disabilities.


  • Public car parks in Rijeka have more than 200 parking spaces for people with disabilities, most of the pavements at pedestrian crossings are adapted to the movement of persons in wheelchairs, and a large number of traffic lights are equipped with sound signals to help the blind and visually impaired.


  • Blind persons are allowed to bring specially trained guide dogs on public transport vehicles.


  • The City of Rijeka has two beaches adapted for disabled persons - Kostanj Bay and Ploče. Apart from special access to the sea for people with disabilities, both beaches offer a full range of additional facilities and have a Blue Flag.


  • The Kantrida swimming pools are one of the most accessible public facilities in Rijeka - the garage has 8 parking spaces for people with disabilities, the descent to the entrance of the pool is ensured by an elevator with Braille buttons. Within the complex, there are no architectural barriers on pool surfaces for people with disabilities; the toilet facilities are adapted as well. The pools have a lift that helps the disabled people and those who have difficulties moving to enter and exit the water. Special markings on the floors that differ in colour and texture also facilitate movement of the blind and visually impaired. Due to the above, the Kantrida complex was awarded an IPC Distinction by the International Paralympic Committee.


  • The stars have never been closer than when the Astronomical Centre Rijeka opened, with access and movement facilities adapted for people with disabilities. The planetarium has reserved spaces for 2-4 wheelchairs, while spaces in other halls are ensured when necessary.


  • Only 4 km from the city centre there is the therapeutic riding centre "Pegaz", dedicated to the implementation of therapeutic riding programmes for children with developmental disabilities and persons with disabilities.


  • Find out all you need to know about Rijeka with the help of one of Rijeka’s mobile applications - connect to free wireless Internet on Korzo and some other popular locations around Rijeka. You can learn more about the sights by reading their QR codes.