Your stay in Rijeka will certainly be even more enjoyable if you spend it in the company of the person you love. Here are just a few ideas on how to spend time in Rijeka for two:

  • The ways of getting to know Rijeka are the same for all, but walking down Korzo and exploring the surrounding sights and museums as a couple, will be something you’ll always remember.


  • Trsat is the right place for romantics - a walk through the park of the Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat and the mysterious corners of Trsat, sipping coffee in one of the numerous cafes, the unique atmosphere of the ancient Trsat Castle... If you are willing to take the next step and believe that Trsat Castle is the right place for it, it is possible to organise a wedding within this historic fort with an unforgettable view of Rijeka and the bay.


  • Get to know the city from the sea, while walking along one of the most beautiful city walks - Rijeka’s breakwater Molo Longo, which offers a unique view of the city. If its more than 2 km is too much for you, you can rent a bike.


  • Visit one of the liveliest places in Rijeka - Placa, the Main Market, with a number of charming taverns and restaurants where you can dine in the romantic atmosphere.


  • Learn about the stars together in the Astronomical Centre Rijeka, while from the observatory terrace you can enjoy a closer, but still spectacular, view of the entire bay.


  • In the summer months, find a beach for yourselves, choose between larger gravel beaches or smaller secluded ones that can be found on both sides of the city. If the weather is not suitable for swimming, visit the Kantrida swimming pool complex, which has its own wellness centre, a restaurant and a cafe.


  • In addition to cinemas and theatres, in the evening you can find a restaurant and a club of your choice.


  • For those who love shopping for two, there are two large shopping centres, at opposite ends of the city, city stores and souvenir shops. Souvenirs can also be found in our Tourist Information Centre, along with all the necessary information and brochures about Rijeka. Rijeka’s mobile applications can also serve as a guide, they are user-friendly and there is free wireless Internet in several parts of Rijeka.