Find your place for fun in one of the many clubs in the city.

Palach Youth Cultural Centre

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The oldest rock club in Rijeka offers two concert halls for a wide variety of performers – bands from Rijeka, notable rock and alternative bands from the area around Rijeka, the music underground, etc. Palach also includes the Student Cultural Centre Gallery and a multifunctional hall.

Address: Kružna 8

Caffe bar Corto Maltese

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Address: Riječki lukobran 1

Cont Pub

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Address: Šetalište Andrije Kačića Miošića 1

Cukarikafe Bar

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A meeting point for young people and all those looking to have fun. It works with the same intensity during the day and during the evening. It is special for its creative furnishings, relaxing music and atmosphere which also moves onto two terraces during the warmer weather.

Address: Trg Jurja Klovića 4

Club Crkva

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Crkva is based on all the varieties of electronic music culture in its movements, forms, and sounds. Crkva is art, creation, the present, the future, a smile, revolution, and evolution. Crkva is peace, love, unity, and respect.

Address: Ružićeva 22

Prostorija bar

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A new bar has just popped up in the square in the heart of the Old Town that is perfect for socialising with a cup of Illy 100% arabica coffee, a draught Paulaner beer or one of the 45 varieties of wine.

Address: Trg Šišmiš 2


Milord Pub

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The location of this pub, outside the city centre, is not a barrier as it attracts a large number of people who come here for its pleasant atmosphere, creatively furnished area, frequent live performances and over 40 different beers.

Address: Srdoči bb

Empeduja Beach Bar

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Address: Bivio

Club Boa

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The club, located right in the centre of the city, offers relaxing entertainment with DJs where everyone can find their own 5 minutes of good music. During the day, this is a pleasant place to drink a coffee. When the weather is nice and hot, the entertainment is spread over the two terraces.

Address: Ante Starčevića 8

Vintage bar

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Caffe - cocktails - wine&food

Address: Partizanski put 9A


Phanas Pub

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A pub located in the city centre, furnished in harmony with its location close to the sea. It is a place to drink an excellent coffee, to attend an “after work party” or to stay until the early morning hours with a rich choice of drinks, live performances and a variety of parties.

Address: Ivana Zajca 9

Bar Bar

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Bar Bar is a completely unique diner – everyone will find something to their liking here, whether it's coffee and a croissant, delicious cookies with almonds and jam or perhaps a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Fans of beer can choose from more than thirty different brands of their favourite drink, those who prefer wine will enjoy something from Bar Bar’s extensive wine list, while others can try one of ten different types of whisky – all while listening to great music, which is often played live.

Address: Pod kaštelom 3

Caffe Bar & Night Club Lilac

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Address: Riva 6


Code Bar

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A bar located right on Korzo is an ideal place for morning coffee as well as for crazy nights out which often start with “after work parties" with tambura players continuing until the small hours of the morning…

Address: Korzo 41d

King's Caffe

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This cafe/pub in the centre of the city, with its unique and cosy atmosphere, offers a standard and expanded range of coffees, teas, beers, and quality wines. Dogs are welcome and your electronic pets can be charged at any table. TV is on during Sundays which are reserved for sports, and chess lovers can ask for chess pieces at the counter. Payment by cash and debit or credit cards.

Address: Frana Kurelca 3a

Flamingo Sweet & Wine Bar

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A bar that provides an authentic atmosphere of Rijeka and Opatija in the 80s. In addition to the unique ambience, an abundant offer and carefully selected music, you can relax and enjoy the priceless view.

Address: Riva 6


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Concerts, jam sessions, stand-up comedy, lectures, exhibits, parties, handicrafts fairs, chance encounters, ... All of that held beneath a railway with the sound of urban music in all of its variations, with predominantly live music followed by DJs.

Address: Školjić 12

Rakhia Bar

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Address: Andrije Medulića 5

Caffe Bar-Night Bar Karolina

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A coffee bar located by the sea with a large terrace from which you can welcome and wave goodbye to the boats in the Port of Rijeka during the day and have fun in the evening hours with music and dancing.

Address: Gat Karoline Riječke


The Beertija / Klub.

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A pub on Trsat offering over 120 types of beer.On the floor beneath is a club with live performances by local and foreign punk/rock/indie/stoner bands.

Address: Slavka Krautzeka 12


Club Indigo

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Indigo is located right in the city centre and is dedicated to daily relaxation in an interesting interior or on the terrace. It is also a place for night entertainment with folk music.

Address: Stara vrata 3

King's Caffé Food pub

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Address: Verdijeva 7B
Phone: +385 51 561 916


River Pub

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The River Pub offers you the possibility of convincing yourself that the Celtic spirit has been preserved in Rijeka. A relaxing place with rich catering on offer and ever new entertainment contents.

Address: Frana Supila 12

Gardens Bar

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A small place for big fun – during the day this place offers relaxation on the terrace with natural shade and a view of the port of Rijeka, and in the evening turns into a perfect clubbing place.

Address: Riva 6

NUbar Lounge

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This lounge bar is an ideal place to spend leisure time during the day or in the evening in the modern interior or at the beautiful outdoor terrace. With a variety of programmes for all ages, we could point out tango and salsa dance nights, r'n'b as well as house parties.

Address: Turkovo 35

Fiorello Pub

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A friendly and pleasant place on Korzo, which owes its name to the former New York Mayor, Fiorello La Guardia, who lived on the upper floor of the same building during his short diplomatic career in Rijeka. There is even a life-size statue of Fiorello who has recently found his table in this pub.

Address: Korzo 2d


Pajol Bar

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A lovely, unpretentious summer bar right on the beach, which during the day is an ideal place for drinking cold beverages in the shade of beach umbrellas whilst in the evening it often organizes a variety of cultural and entertaining events.

Address: Plaža Grčevo

Morski Prasac Beach Bar

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This beach bar on Igralište beach in Kantrida is a gathering point for fans of alternative culture. By day the perfect place to refresh yourself after a swim, and in the evening it offers a variety of art and music programmes, often with free fried fish.

Address: Plaža Igralište


Celtic Cafe Bard

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Located right in the centre of the old town, the Celtic Cafe Bard offers enjoyment with an excellent choice of drinks, especially beer, accompanied by Celtic music and jazz...

Address: Trg Grivica 6B

Teatro Lounge Bar

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Address: Verdieva 3a

Boa / Privè

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Address: Pavla Rittera Vitezovića 3

Klub mladih Rijeka (Youth Club) - caffe bar / coworking space

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The Rijeka Youth Club is located in the heart of Rijeka. It is popular among young people and everyone who feels young – but everyone is welcome. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are reserved for night-time entertainment with club DJs and there are weekly movie nights, screenings of documentaries, acoustic jam sessions, listening sessions, Sunday pub quizzes, screenings of games, exhibitions and much more. The Youth Club also has a library, a comic book store and a window case with board games available to all visitors. It is also dog-friendly. It offers courses in many foreign languages, as well as a course in Croatian for foreigners.
If you are looking for a pleasant space to have coffee, study, use free Wi-Fi, print or scan documents, get some good advice and enjoy great company, the Rijeka Youth Club is the place for you.

Address: Erazma Barčiča 9A

Garçon Bar

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Garçon Bar is located at the very centre of the city. In the morning and afternoon it is a perfect place to have a cup of coffee or some other favoured beverage, and in the evening it is a bar with a whole lot of good fun – live music, student nights, karaoke, and various themed parties accompanied by an amazing DJ and pretty hostesses – such is the weekend routine at the Garçon Bar.

Address: Koblerov trg bb

Harat's Pub

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Address: Pod Kaštelom 9

Pizzeria Lounge Boonker

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Address: Istarsko pristanište bb
Phone: +385 51 401 738

Bačva Pub

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The Bačva pub is located near the centre of the city, next to the Bonavia hotel. Every day acoustic concerts are held at the pub, which offers a wine card with a variety of wines, cocktails made in accordance with special recipes, a wide variety of whiskeys, smoothies, fresh juices, and great quality coffee with fresh soy or barley milk.

Address: Dolac 8

Pogon kulture

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Address: Strossmayerova 1

Mali rock (Little Rock )

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Rock caffe or Little Rock is a small café located in a tiny alley in Sušak that plays rock music most of the time.

Address: Derenčinova 9


Sabrage Pub

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The Sabrage people, quality wines and cocktails, Belgian beers, pleasant staff and good music – a place where the fun begins.

Address: Partizanski put bb

Book caffe Dnevni boravak

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Address: Ciottina 12a



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Address: Ružićeva 2

Bar Bar #2

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The youngest member of the BarBar family, Bar Bar #2 exudes a mature, pub-like ambience and tells a very valuable story of the past – one about Rijeka’s industry. The small workshop filled with memories and details takes you back to the “golden era” of production in Rijeka, and it also hosts the Beer Factory with unmissable homemade BarBar snacks. Here you’ll also find Mr Rum, which will, as the golden rule dictates, be served with a piece of 100% dark chocolate (and a cigar, if one so requires).

Address: Pod Kaštelom 5


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Address: Riva 18

Prasowski beach bar

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Address: Plaža ploče, Kantrida


Galileo Bar

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Located in an attractive location within the Rijeka Astronomy Centre, the Galileo Bar can boast a spectacular view over Rijeka. It is also known as the hedonism epicentre.

Address: Sveti križ 33

Tapas bar Pet Jedan

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Address: Riva 14
Phone: +385 91 619 1182


Champagne Bar Pommery

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Pommery offers entertainment throughout the day with over twenty types of sparkling wines and champagnes served by the glass as well as other quality drinks. Located on Korzo, it is an inevitable place for all generations who like entertainment with the latest musical hits.

Address: Korzo 33

Wine & Coffee bar Kod Zajca

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A place where you can try more than 100 labels of Champagne, premium and sparkling wines, as well as the premium Illy coffee.

Address: Verdieva 7a