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Health Tourism

Health is the most important thing and Rijeka offers a number of excellent facilities that will be responsible for providing you with the best service.

Medico Polyclinic

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The Medico Polyclinic is located in the centre of Rijeka, on a surface area of 2,200 m2. It employs around 80 people. Medico offers services in the area of radiology, dermatology and venereology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, gynaecology, urology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, surgery (both general and plastic), endocrinology, haematology and anaesthesiology. There is also a completely equipped and modern medical and biochemical laboratory in the Polyclinic where you can rapidly undergo a large number of high quality examinations. In just one day it is possible to undergo a clinical examination, laboratory diagnostics, and a variety of specialist and other examinations. We will also provide you with a final opinion and give you advice on further therapy. In the day hospital that has an operation block, operations are carried out under local and general anaesthesia, and day therapy can also be carried out here too.

Address: Agatićeva 8
Phone: +385 51 263 109
E-mail: medico@medico.hr
Website: www.medico.hr

Medikol Polyclinic

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Rijeka branch - PET/CT centre                
The Medikol Polyclinic, Rijeka branch, is the contracting entity of the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO) for the PET/CT diagnostic scan with diagnostic CT (FDG: nuclear medicine and radiology) and radiology diagnostics. It offers PET/CT diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics (thyroid, abdomen, breast, soft tissue/inguinum, neck ultrasound) as well as computed tomography (CT). According to doctors’ instructions and indications, all MSCT diagnostics procedures can be carried out using the contrast media application.

Address: Krešimirova 42 (KBC Rijeka)
Phone: +385 51 688 030
E-mail: pet-ct.ri@medikol.hr
Website: www.medikol.hr

Rident Polyclinic

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Rident Stomatology Polyclinic offers complete dental services. Patients have a highly qualified team of 34 dentists at their disposal, amongst whom there are 5 oral surgery, implantology, periodontology and orthodontology specialists, as well as 30 nurses, 2 medical radiology engineers and 48 dental technicians. With their help, patients can undergo all necessary examinations in one place, from diagnostics, all kinds of dental interventions including surgery as well as the creation of temporary and permanent prosthesis in the laboratory which is also part of the polyclinic.

Address: Franje Čandeka 39
Phone: +385 51 648 900 / +385 51 648 902
E-mail: info@rident.hr
Website: www.rident.hr

Fabris Dental Centre

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The Centre for Dental Medicine Sušak was founded because of an existing need for a complete, highly professional dental service that would offer optimal aesthetic and functional results in an environment that guarantees expertise, exceptional care and respects the privacy of every patient.
The long-standing private dental practice of Dr Davor Fabris (more than 30 years of working experience, of which 20 years in the field of dental implantology) has gradually evolved into a centre that offers a complete dental protection service, with emphasis on implantology.

Address: Titov trg 3
Phone: +385 51 373 506
E-mail: info@dentalfabris.com
Website: dentalfabris.com

„Pegaz“ Therapeutic Riding Association

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The “Pegaz” Association is a non-profit association working with the aim of promoting and developing all activities related to the organisation and professional implementation of therapeutic riding for children with developmental disabilities and disabled person, and manages the Centre for therapeutic and recreational riding “Draška dolina”. Situated only 4 km from the city centre, this Centre offers possibilities for conducting therapeutic and tourist programmes for children with developmental disabilities, young people, families and other groups of users. Its work is based on activities performed in a very pleasant environment, using horses and other animals. Here you can also enjoy the additional facilities – children playground, the biggest riding centre with silica in the Primorje-Gorski kotar County, Draški potok (stream) that flows through the “Draška dolina” Centre facilities, a greenhouse for gardening, orchards, sanitary facilities for disabled persons, a short walkway to the fresh water spring, common area, parking spaces and others.

Address: Put pod Rebar 10
Phone: +385 98 674 897 / +385 99 256 2432
E-mail: pegaz.rijeka@gmail.com
Website: www.pegaz-rijeka.hr

Biohealing Rijeka – Centre for biotherapy based on the Zdenko Domančić method

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The Centre offers biotherapy under the expert guidance and following the Zdenko Domančić metho, as well as hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing. Biotherapy, as a leading therapy in the Centre, is used for treating all illnesses and conditions, raising energy levels, immunity, and elimination of fatigue and stress effects. Biotherapies are very pleasant, natural, with no side effects, and are complementary to school medicine. Users benefit from the superior, highly skilled team, led by Marina Tauković, certified biotherapist, following the method of Zdenko Domančić, whose perennial successful work in health care ranks her at the very top of the healer profession in Croatia.

Address: Moše Albaharija 6B
Phone: +385 51 345 294
E-mail: biohealing.com@gmail.com

Dental Studio Robert Olujić D.M.D.

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Dental Studio Robert Olujić D.M.D. is a dental care service in Rijeka, providing the best care for your oral cavity health. Situated in the centre of Rijeka, this studio offers the most innovative dental treatments you can only find by visiting the best dental clinics in the world, including high quality solutions within restorative, paediatric, endodontic, periodontal and cosmetic dentistry, as well as in dental surgery, implantology, prosthetics (fixed and mobile) and orthodontics. The medical team, under the guidance of Robert Olujić D.M.D., has been successfully taking care of many patients since 2008. The team goes by a patient-centred philosophy where a personalised approach is granted in order to achieve long-term results and satisfy specific patients' needs.

Address: Ivana Dežmana 6
Phone: +385 51 301 500 / +385 98 909 8628
E-mail: info@dentalolujic.com
Website: www.dentalolujic.com

Centre for dental medicine Orto-Nova d.o.o.

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The Centre for dental medicine Orto-Nova is situated in an easily accessible location in Kantrida. The centre has 8 fully equipped offices in modern and comfortable surroundings with the view of the Kvarner bay. The Centre provides all services in the field of dental medicine (all in one place) with the most modern equipment, its own dental lab, modern techniques and quality materials. Your first examination, treatment plan and cost estimate will be free of charge. The Centre offers a warranty on all procedures as well as individual and targeted therapy without unnecessary waiting. Even after the treatment is completed at Orto-nova, we take care of your oral health.
Services provided: implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics, paradontology, oral surgery, aesthetic dental medicine, paediatric and preventive medicine, laser treatment, ozonotherapy...

Address: Lošinjska 16
Phone: +385 51 829 600
E-mail: info@orto-nova.hr
Website: www.orto-nova.hr