In the hinterland of Rijeka called Grobinšćina, a unique mill made of wood and the last one still run by the water of the Rječina River is definitely worth a look. It is one of the last mills in the Primorje-Gorski kotar County, built as early as in 1650. It assumed its current appearance in 1929, and after the reconstruction it was reopened on 16 June 1992. Apart from being a cultural monument and still in operation, it is also an important tourist attraction because the operation of the mill and the area surrounding it vividly depict the life of past, almost forgotten times.


Visitors can see the process of making bread as well as the items used in this process, such as an old sieve, some more than 200 years old.
Martinovo village is particularly cheerful in the autumn, more precisely in October, during the thanksgiving days for the fruits of the earth – the Days of Bread.