• Phone: +385 51 550 709 - Mali dom / +385 51 230 905 - Veliki dom / +385 51 812 448 - Platak – goranski sportski centar
  • Website: www.platak.info

Only half an hour drive from the centre of Rijeka, there is a small family ski resort - Platak, unique for its unforgettable view of the sea. During the winter months it is possible to ski on Platak and then have lunch by the sea in the same day. Except in the winter season, Platak is a very popular destination all year round thanks to its numerous walking and hiking trails. After only few hours of walking along maintained and well-marked hiking trails you will see the peaks of Snježnik and Risnjak with their beautiful outlooks. Gravel roads at Platak are excellent for mountain biking or an easy walk through the nature, and the mountain houses are open during the whole year.


The ski resort was built in the mid 20th century and it is the place where almost all Rijeka's skiers learned how to ski.