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Places you can see only in Rijeka, places that make this city special, guard its spirit and invite you to fall in love with Rijeka even before you get here.

Trsat Castle

The Trsat Castle represents a strategically embossed lookout on a hill 138 meters above sea level dominating Rijeka.

Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat and the Trsat Franciscian Monastery

The Shrine of Our Lady of Trsat is the largest pilgrimage centre of Western Croatia.

City Market

The main City Market has been the place chosen by the people of Rijeka as the best place to dine since the 19th century.

Astronomical Centre Rijeka

The Astronomical Centre Rijeka is the only facility of its kind in Croatia. It was opened in 2009 above the city, in the former fortress which dates back to the Second World War.

Old Town

Upon passing below the City Tower, a walk-through tower of the former main city gate and the entrance to the medieval Rijeka from the coast, you will arrive in the Old Town of Rijeka.

Torpedo – launch station

The launch station from the 1930s was a part of the closed torpedo factory.

The Rijeka Tunnel

Rijeka's military story leads tourists – below the city.

Rijeka's cemeteries

Places where the souls of the city are put to rest, Rijeka's cemeteries Kozala and Trsat are protected historical and cultural wholes and unavoidable sightseeing points of the city.

Principia at Tarsatica

The passage under the Old Gate or the Roman Arch leads into the inner square, the Tarsatica Principia forum. Today, at the foot of the rear of the church of St. Fabian and Sebastian, there is still well-preserved masonry..

Petar Kružić Stairway

The steps were built in 1531 by order of Warlord Petar Kružić, and were built up over the centuries (up to today's over 500 steps) and adorned with votive chapels.


The current Breakwater in the main port basin is known as "molo longo" due to its 1707 m length. It is used as a passenger terminal and promenade.