The Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes was built from 1904 until 1929 according to the design of the engineers Giovanni Maria Curet and Cornelio Budinich. The modestly conceived neo-Gothic building, ordered by the nuns of the Jesus Heart Institute, was soon replaced by a monumentally conceived church in honour of the miraculous healing of the guardian of the capuchin monastery, father Bernardin Škrivanić in Lourdes. It was built as a double neo-Gothic basilica with rich polychrome artwork Lombard-style. 


First the Church of Our Lady of Consolation was built in 1907, followed by the 70 metre-long church of Our Lady of Lourdes from 1914 until 1929. The shrine was decorated with polychrome stained glasses, and the church’s facades and altar were decorated by the Venetian sculptor Urbano Bottasso and Rijeka's carver Antonio Marietti. The frescoes in the interior were painted by the famous Rijeka painter Romolo Venucci. Although the 75 metre-high lighthouse on top of the church has never been built, it has become an indispensable signpost for all travellers.