Church of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian is a small building, but with a very long biography. It is all important, first of all, for the history of Rijeka’s health culture, since it is dedicated to the protector against the plague. In the Middle Ages, the disease decimated the whole of Europe and the area of Rijeka was no exception. In memory of the time, in the place of the current building, a smaller one was built at the end of the 13th century. 


The new baroque church was constructed in the 16th century. This can be seen from the inscription placed above the entrance to the building showing the year 1562. In accordance with its size, the church is not lavishly decorated. However, it is not only interesting as a testimony to the horrible disease which once devastated the Rijeka area, but also because it keeps valuable objects from numerous small churches from the surrounding area of Rijeka that were built during the 18th century.