• Address:Trg Riccarda Zanelle 1
  • Website: www.muzej-rijeka.hr
  • Tickets: adults HRK 40.00 / children, pupils, students and pensioners HRK 30.00

We all know that a city without its own museum is not a city. Rijeka’s City Museum awaits its visitors in the Governor’s Palace Park. The activity of this institution can be seen in various areas of activity, including collecting, treatment and restoration, research of the city’s (and not only the city’s) past and organising exhibitions on important historical themes. 


Its holdings include material brought together in several collections. The music collection includes excellently preserved musical instruments and devices for sound reproduction, the visual arts collection includes works of art by artists who lived and made art in Rijeka, as well as a collection of documentary material containing various documents from the city’s past. There are also the philately and photographic collections, as well as collections of theatre and film material, weapons, press, artistic crafts and a numismatic collection, a collection of valuable items, medals and awards and the “varia” collection (in which a range of other objects are preserved).


Museum Ticket
The “Museums Together” ticket is a combined ticket for the Natural History Museum, the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, the City Museum of Rijeka, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Peek&Poke, the Croatian Museum of Tourism, the Town of Crikvenica Museum, the I. M. Ronjgov Institution, the National Museum and Gallery in Novi Vinodolski, the Museum of Apoxyomenos, the Lošinj Museum and the Cres Museum.
The ticket price is 30 HRK for adults, 50 HRK for families and 10 HRK for children, students and pensioners and is valid for 60 days after purchase.

The exhibition Rijeka Torpedo - First in the World opened on 1 July at the railway depot at Žabica, Trg Žabica 4
Torpedo exhibition opening hours:
Daily 12 p.m. - 6 p.m., except on bank and public holidays