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  • Address:Lorenzov prolaz 1
  • Website: www.prirodoslovni.com
  • Working hours: Monday-Sunday from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.
  • Tickets: adults HRK 10.00 / children, students and pensioners HRK 5.00 / family HRK 5.00 per person

The Natural History Museum located within the Nikola Host Park was the first regional museum in the Rijeka area, founded in 1876 when Doctor Joseph Roman Lorenz designed its concept in accordance with Vienna’s Naturhistoriches Museum. Initially the collection was an integral part of the City Museum, but since 1945 it has operated as an independent institution with rich holdings at its current location, within which there was a zoo and an aquarium until the 1960s. 


Today, the Museum is oriented towards marine research and has a specialised library in the field of biology, geology and palaeontology. Visitors can enjoy the rich collections and permanent exhibition representing the geological past of the Adriatic, oceanographic research, minerals, marine invertebrates, sharks and rays, the “Aquarium” multimedia centre and reptiles and amphibians from the Rijeka area.


Museum Ticket
A museum ticket is a combined ticket for the Natural History Museum, the Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, City Museum of Rijeka and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. You can purchase the ticket in any of the museums and have direct access to all four of them, including the additional collections of the Maritime and History Museum in Kastvo and Dobrinja, as well as the additional exhibition at the Zrinski Castle in Brod na Kupi and exhibitions at the Mali salon exhibition space. The ticket price for adults is 30 kunas, 50 kunas for an entire family and 10 kunas for children, students and pensioners. The ticket has to be used within 48 hours of purchase.