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Parks and Promenades Parks and Promenades Parks and Promenades

Nature lovers and more active visitors can discover the city in a different way – by exploring Rijeka’s promenades by the sea, its urban or forest areas, and for those less active “green” parks are the best option for taking a break during a walk around Rijeka. Below we present some of the promenades and parks that Rijeka offers...


Theatre Park

The Theatre Park is a popular gathering place for Rijeka's citizens, located in the heart of the city, in front of the “Ivan pl. Zajc” Croatian National Theatre and facing the city market.

Mlaka Park

Mlaka Park, also known as Giardino Pubblico, is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Rijeka.

Nikola Host Park

Apart from Mlaka Park, Nikola Host’s Park is one of the oldest in Rijeka.

National Hero’s Park

Trsat Park extends covers an area stretching from 95 to 145 metres above sea level. This tiny small part of nature preserved in the city was created in the period between the two world wars (in 1926) according to the design of following the project bythe architect, Zlatko Prikril and the horticultural expert, Josip Kulfanek.

Skate Park

This park is located on Krnjevo and besides its expected regular park contents is most famous asbest known for being the first and so far the only official skate park in Rijeka.

Park of Prof. Vinko Frančišković, PhD

Being the closest park to the Rijeka railway station, it is an ideal place for rest and refreshment of passengers.

Park of Our Lady of Trsat

Built inside the walls of the Trsat Shrine, these terraced landscaped gardens, dating back to 1927, are a spacious and quiet place to relax after sightseeing or pilgrimage to Our Lady of Trsat.

A ring of Rijeka's promenades

A ring of Rijeka's promenades was conceived as a semicircular connection between the extreme south-eastern point (Plumbum) and the extreme north-western point (Preluk) of the city of Rijeka, thus creating the possibility of crossing the entire city on foot.

Lungomare (promenade) Kantrida-Costabella-Preluk

The promenade from Kantrida (Bivio) to Preluk connects a number of larger and smaller beaches and bays.


The current Breakwater in the main port basin is known as "molo longo" due to its 1707 m length. It is used as a passenger terminal and promenade.

Rječina River canyon

The marked walking-excursionist trail called “Promenade along the Rječina River”, from Trsat to the spring of Rječina, is a popular destination for excursionists.

Veli vrh

Veli vrh offers a unique view that stretches over the entire Kvarner Bay, the islands of Krk and Cres, the Učka Mountain as well as the town of Grobnik.