Rijeka's Main Market

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Rijeka's Main Market Rijeka's Main Market Rijeka's Main Market Rijeka's Main Market

No supermarket can replace the charm of the personal contact with the vendor of and the excitement of the unpredictable purchase at the main Rijeka market – Placa.

Rijeka's Main Market – Placa


The main city market was built at the end of the 19th century by the sea shore. Construction took place thanks to fishermen who set their catch ashore precisely on that spot. In the beginning, fish was sold in the open air and since 1866 under cover, in the constructed fish-market. According to Izidor Vauching’s project, besides the fish-market, the construction of two pavilions for the sale of other ingredients began in 1880. The architect used modern technological solutions, a steel latticed construction and a glass. He decorated the facades with images of fruit and vegetables. Over time, the city decided to build a new fish-market, and the architect Carlo Pergoli completed its construction in 1916. The stone decoration by the sculptor Urban Bottasso indicates the tendency towards Vienna's Art Nouveau. Around the pillars and on the fish-market's façade he put the life of sea creatures.  Given that he is still alive, he invites each and every passenger to enter.


Working hours: Monday-Saturday 7 am–2 pm / Sunday 7 am-12 pm | Fish market: Monday-Saturday 7 am–1 pm / Sunday 7 am-12 pm