Holiday tailor-made for you at any time

Exceptionally rich in natural beauty and well-preserved cultural heritage, specifically by its diversity, Croatia offers innumerable opportunities to enjoy magical nature in the fresh air

Take a ride by bike on the trails where, long ago, Roman legions walked, plunge into the sea depths and enjoy the pristine underwater world. If the freshness of the clean air and cold spring waters tire you, clear your mind while enjoying the benefits of thermal waters and relaxing massage and afterwards, reward your palate by tasting traditional fresh dishes prepared by locals, along with excellent Croatian wines. If, after all this, you have to concentrate on your job in one of the top conference halls, we don't think that it would be a problem, would it?


Wealth and beauty of Kvarner Bay

Opatija and Rijeka, gems of the Adriatic, are located at the point where the slopes of Učka dip into Kvarner bay. These two cities are linked by culture, customs, and long-shared history through which each, in its own way, attracted the world's political, economic and artistic elites. Experience the wealth and beauty of Kvarner Bay through its rich cultural heritage and the tasting of local cuisine.


Rijeka is a commercial and banking centre, as well as one of Europe's most important ports. With its creative spirit, the city attracts wealthy industrialists and businessmen from all over the world and finds its softer side in Opatija, muse of famous poets, musicians and composers.


The rich cultural heritage which Rijeka has nurtured since ancient times as well as visually attractive industrial architecture and many events allow the city to retain its vivacity throughout the year and make it one of the internationally-renowned centres of urban tourism. On the other hand, there is Opatija with its royal reputation and charm of carefully-landscaped parks and gardens which the city continues to enrich with new values, while defending its status as one of the most famous European tourist destinations.


Experience the unique culinary delight in fine restaurants and authentic coastal taverns while the invaluable beauty of cultural tradition since Roman times introduces the story of an area where people for centuries have cherished their customs. Some of them, such as bellringers’ and carnival traditions have become part of the world cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. The combination of sea salt and fresh air provides relaxation for the soul, healing for the body and a business climate for the exchange of ideas.


Enrich your stay with participation in a handful of events, such as ‘Ice Magic’ in Opatija or the ‘International Rijeka’s Carnival that, each year, attracts tens of thousands of aficionados of costume parties.