The wise saying goes: in order to get to know the soul of a certain region, visit its monuments so as to feel the atmosphere of the past, observe the architecture in which the locals live, visit markets and shops, and taste its everyday food. Croatian history, and the history of the Kvarner as well, is full of meals that represent the customs and wisdom of their creation, while stories that have been passed down from generation to generation make this dining experience complete.

The changing of the seasons at markets determines the menus in this region. They are comprised of seafood, mostly blue fish, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, and essential herbs that grow in the region. The products are usually fried or boiled, while exceptionally tasty meals are baked under a clay lid that is covered with coals, and wine is a frequent and favourite ingredient for most meals.

With the “Kvarner Food” label, we have unified restaurants, taverns, bistros, etc., that have a cozy atmosphere, usually with an ethno feel, where traditional coastal and highland meals are served. They are prepared with the freshest local produce, along with olive oils and wines from the Kvarner region.

Experience the soul of this region at Kvarner Food restaurants.