Impulse Festival

The fifth edition of the Impulse festival will bring new guests to the clubs of Rijeka and cult city spaces.

The main goal of the festival is the promotion of urban culture, with an emphasis on music. Many events during the festival, such as concerts, films and workshops, deal with music, which opens up new views of the concert and club culture through various art forms.


Every year, the festival hosts many renowned foreign and Croatian names. The organizers, Distune Promotion and the Student Culture Centre of the University of Rijeka, have made sure that the performers confirm its quality this year as well. The beginning of the festival will be marked by the performance of God Is an Astronaut, a band that fuses intense rock instruments and ethereal and emotional sounds, which greatly inspire with their dynamics and omnipresent melodies. Many respected performers, such as the talented Luce and the bands Ponor and Debeli Precjednik, will perform at the festival during the Hardcore/Punk night. The programme also features the presentation workshop Vibrabox and an LP fair, a must for fans of gramophone records.