Rijeka Carnival

We are eagerly waiting for January when the holiday decorations give way to carnival ribbons marking the beginning of the 37th edition of the Rijeka Carnival.
17 January, i.e. the day of St. Anthony, traditionally marks the beginning of the fifth season, which ends on Ash Wednesday, 26 February, when Pust will pay with his life for all the evils of the past year - because heads will roll! This masked madness will be set in motion by the ceremonial handover of the key to the city to the carnival-goers and the Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant, followed by a host of costumed parties and events, keeping us all on the edge of our seats for the grand finale - the International Carnival Parade scheduled for 23 February. Our little ones also get to have their costumed day called the Children’s carnival parade, scheduled for 8 February. With other costumed events such as the Paris - Bakar Costumed Car Rally, costumed snowboarding in the city centre, the Charity Masquerade Ball, and many others, we are positive that you will find your own way of having a blast, so take this as your invitation to the Rijeka Carnival where you can be whatever you want to be!