Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant

The beginning of the Rijeka carnival and the introductory Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant are scheduled for 17 January at the Dvorana mladosti Sports Hall starting at 8 pm.
The bravest of the candidates will face each other off in a showdown of stage performances and their knowledge of the carnival tradition in an attempt to win the hearts of the audience using charm and wit to their advantage. The candidate that does best will join the Carnival Master and become the 25th representative of the Rijeka Carnival. Once clad in her golden cloak, the future queen will be very busy as, throughout the entire year, she will be attending a host of carnival-related events in and around Rijeka, Croatia and abroad. Along with the Queen Pageant, the best stage performance of the carnival groups that form the entourage of each candidate is also awarded a prize. Once the new Rijeka Carnival Queen has been proclaimed, the mayor of Rijeka hands the key to the city over to the Carnival Master in a ceremonial act that officially sets off the fifth season, much to the delight of thousands of carnival-goers, as it signals that from now on they are to rule the city.