Laughing Days at the Carnival

The carnival period is a time for having fun, wearing colourful masks and lots of laughter. There can be no better reason for you to join us at the Laughing Days at the Carnival event and to let the extensive programme make you laugh until you cry.
The laughing begins with the comedy Me, Dad, performed by Teatroman / EXIT theatre from Zagreb on 30 January, and the programme continues in February with the play performed by Teatroman / Kerempuh theatre from Zagreb and the comedy Celo telo tu me boli (My whole body aches here) performed by the Jazavac City Theatre from Banja Luka. Apart from the plays, on 21 January we are sure to have a great time at a concert by The Frajle from Novi Sad. Tickets are available, so do not hesitate to grab yours in time, because you can never have too much laughter. The venue for all these programmes is the Croatian House of Culture in Sušak.