Rijeka Detox

The beneficial health effects of wild edible plants, whose gastronomical application is a tradition in the Kvarner region, have been well-documented for thousands of years.
There is an old saying that in order to enjoy good health, one must be mindful of one's stomach and spring is the perfect season to adhere to this adage. This is why this year's first Ri Gastro event is dedicated to wild edible plants and other seasonal foods for detoxing the body and improving overall health. At their facilities, the caterers in Rijeka will prepare dishes made from wild asparagus, bear's garlic, nettle, dandelion and other detox ingredients, as well as healthy drinks and pastries for vitality and longevity, with excellent side events and expert lectures on achieving natural balance in life also taking place.
The lectures will be held on 9 April and 12 April at Rijeka City Hall, Korzo 16, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Admission is free. Come to Rijeka Detox because health and vitality begin on your plate!