Ri Gastro – The Sardine is IN and Cherry Days

Ri Gastro and caterers from Rijeka traditionally dedicate the beginning of June to the stars of Mediterranean and Kvarner cuisine: oily fish and cherries.

This is why the sardine – the uncrowned queen of the sea – will dominate menus during the first week, followed by the sweet and succulent herald of summer – the cherry! The Mediterranean diet as a way of life and nutrition is considered the gold standard for a longer and healthier life, with olive oil, oily fish, a plethora of fresh vegetables and fruit and wine as the centrepieces of this culinary tradition. UNESCO included the diet on its Intangible Heritage List, thus protecting it as a healthy nutritional approach and a lifestyle that benefits people.
That is why Ri Gastro and caterers from Rijeka continue to tell the story of local and seasonal foods as the main ingredients for a healthy and enjoyable life, and traditionally dedicate the beginning of June to oily fish and cherries. From 3 to 9 June, the menus of catering establishments in Rijeka will be dominated by sardines, a small oily fish with an exceptionally high nutritional value and vast culinary potential. Afterward, from 10 to 16 June, it's time for cherries, which are at their tastiest and healthiest around the Feast Day of St Vitus, the patron saint of Rijeka. You can try them when they're fresh, in pastries or in certain savoury dishes. All of this will be accompanied by expert lectures on the Mediterranean diet for a long and healthy life.