The 20th international traditional sailing event Fiumanka will take place early in the month, from 6 to 9 June.

This year, the port of Rijeka will again be shrouded in the white sails of more than 200 sailboats manned by almost 2000 sailors. Several different regattas, each with a special goal and their own stories, will join their sails together at the 20th grand Fiumanka, which is scheduled to begin on 8 June at noon along with the charity Rotary Regatta and the European Media Regatta. As part of this year's Fiumanka, a new event – AdRIa4Blue – organised in cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the County Chamber of Commerce Rijeka and Norway as a partner country, will be held in order to promote the blue economy and sustainable development. Numerous programmes will take place during Fiumanka, with Karolina Riječka Pier and the Terminal becoming venues for concerts in the evening. The soundtrack to this year's regatta in Rijeka will be provided by excellent musicians, with Kantridersi and Colonia performing on 7 June, while Klapa Intriga, Disco Inferno Magic Band and Grapevine Babies will entertain the crowd the day after.