Dark Circle Festival

On 14 and 15 June, Hartera will host the 6th and last Dark Circle Fest, which celebrates heavy music and features an array of famous international and Croatian representatives of the genre from the last five iterations.
Dark Circle Fest will close its dark gates and the final edition of the Festival will once again welcome local metal bands as well as guests from other countries and cities to their shadowy stage so they can shake Hartera and Rijeka with thunderous blasts one last time. Festivalgoers can enjoy live band performances on the main stage a.k.a. the Dark Stage on Friday and Saturday. The following bands are scheduled to perform on Friday, 14 June:
Kryn, Voloh, Speedclaw, PHC, Asheraah, Their and Porko Dio. Also, don't miss shows by Nanowar of Steel, Stimulans, Upset, Sweet Thunder, Epicentar, Miscreation and Krematorium on Saturday. The famous Glam After Party will take place on the Hartera terrace during the festival. This will be the last time that the camping, train discounts and affordable ticket prices which have been hallmarks of the Dark Circle Festival will be available to visitors.